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Safe At Home

For most people, their home is their castle. It is the place where they feel safe and secure. But the world is not always a safe place. Adding a home security system gives many people peace of mind. Before you invest in a home security system, here are few things to consider. First, do your […]

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Warm And Cozy

You love the look and feel of fireplaces, but you’ve never had the privilege of owning a home with one. Fortunately for you, there are several models now on the market that can be installed easily. When shopping for a fireplace, you must determine first where it will go and what you want from it. […]

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Little House, Big Perks

You’ve always lived in a small home and loved it. With far less house and yard to care for, you’ve had more time to devote to other interests. Now that you’re adding to your family, however, you’re not sure if you can continue to enjoy the perks of small home living. Relax. Unless your family […]

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They All Fall Down: Gutter Cleaning Tips

It’s not a job that anyone looks forward to, but it’s one of the most important things you can do in the fall for your home. Cleaning the gutters can take a little while, but if they aren’t cleaned, water can build up next to your home and cause rot on wooden surfaces, pull off […]

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The Fall Home Care Checklist

Maybe it’s going back to school, maybe it’s the shorter days or maybe it’s the blinding lights signaling the holiday season ahead, but fall home improvement projects often get tossed aside or neglected in favor of more exciting, interesting or pressing activities. This short checklist will help guide you to the most important elements to […]

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The Secrets Of Staging Your Home To Sell

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. You’ve got to put your best foot forward. These are both cliches, but they absolutely apply when you are trying to sell your home, particularly in a challenging market. There are a few secrets to staging a home that will allow you to make a great […]

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Time to Paint? Think Greener, Safer Choices.

With an increasing emphasis on preserving the earth, more people than are ever are going green, and paint and stain companies are stepping up to the plate with greener choices. Shop for eco-friendlier paint and stain, and you’ll find endless choices, some of them better than others. If you are thinking about painting or staining […]

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What’s In A Neighborhood? Everything.

What’s the most important thing when buying a house? Some say price. Some say location. Some say the home itself. There is an argument to be made, however, that the most important thing is actually the neighborhood. Not every community is right for every person, so you’ll want to carefully consider what you want in […]

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Make Or Break: The Home Inspection

The home inspection can be a tense time whether you are buying or selling. If you are like most people, you’re not an expert on the inner workings of your home, and, while you might be able to fix a toilet or change out a light fixture, removing mold or lead paint is a completely […]

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The Final Touch

You’ve been working on the outside of your home for months now. You removed the dead trees. You had the lawn treated. You redesigned the flowerbeds. You stained the driveway. You painted the house. You had new windows installed. The result? The curb appeal of your home has improved considerably. Now you just need to […]

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