Get A Move On

CoupleBoxesHC1401_M_150_C_RYahoo! You just bought a house and in a few months it will be all yours and you can move in. No need to start packing yet, right? Wrong. The sooner you start packing, the faster you’ll be able to get into your new house on moving day. Here are some tips.

First you need to gather all of the necessary supplies. You’ll need some packing tape, markers to label the contents of the boxes, and some type of material to wrap fragile household items in. Tissue paper or bubble wrap works best. You’ll also need some boxes. You can either purchase these or ask a local store for leftovers. The more you get, the better. You can always return any leftovers to the store or throw them away. If you’re using a mover, you may have the option of ordering wardrobe boxes that you can use for clothing, comforters, pillows and other bulky items.

Next comes the fun part, packing. Put like things together. Wrap up your toiletries, for example, and place them in a box with your towels. By doing this, you’ll save yourself hours of work later. Instead of unpacking a dozen boxes to find your towels, you’ll have them right there with your toiletries. If an object has some small pieces, like a cord or several screws and nails, put them into a bag and attach it to the object with tape. Seal off opened boxes of food and toiletries with tape. That way, they won’t spill and you won’t have to clean up a mess later. Pack light enough so that the boxes can be moved. Throwing 50 hardback books into a large box is just a disaster waiting to happen. The weight of the books will not only make the box difficult to move but could also make it break apart.

As you pack a box, assign it a number and record its contents in a notebook. If you need to know where a particular item is, all you’ll have to do is get out your trusty notebook and find it. Make sure you label the box with its number as well as the room where it goes for those helping you move. If the contents are fragile, mark that on the box. Movers will be more careful with boxes marked fragile.

Box up as much stuff as possible before moving day. You’ll be far too busy directing the move to pack on that day, so put away the dishes and eat on paper plates and leave out only the items you cannot live without, such as bedding and toiletries. The more you pack, the less you’ll have to do on moving day and the faster the move will go.

Moving isn’t fun, but by following these tips, you can make it go faster and more smoothly. Get a leg up on the move and start packing things you don’t use today.

By Tresa Erickson

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